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It's Heidi's passion to help local musicians make awesome sounding recordings and support orchestras with beautiful, high quality performances. 


$100 per hour

Heidi's beautiful playing is a compliment to any performance. With years of experience she is a multi-faceted musician able to improvise in a Jazz ensemble or perform beautifully with a full orchestra.


$100 per song

Is it time to take your audio files and make them sound like heaven? Heidi has decades of experience mastering with advanced analogue and digital tools on a state of the art work station.


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With state of the art equipment Heidi will not only make your music sound professional but take it to a whole new level. She is available to anyone from professionals recording their next album to mom's recording their children's cello solo. Whatever the scenario she will make music magic.


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Heidi has been working as an audio engineer for many years from mixing individual albums to doing live sound at venues like Freight & Salvage. She has mixed for Joan Baez, Shawn Colvin, Merissa Ferrick, Tammy Hall and countless others.

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