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Michael Burles

"I'm super happy and grateful that Heidi is working with me on my project." - Michael Burles


Michael, a singer-songwriter of extraordinary talent, is set to release his latest CD this spring, recorded and mixed by Heidi.

Tammy Hall

"Heidi knows how to get that warm, round sound, that is often hard to obtain."  - Tammy Hall

As Tammy's piano producer, Heidi shapes Tammy's piano sound in every recording studio Tammy records in, most notably in Tammy's 2012 recording, "Blue Soul." 

Sierra Ensemble

"We wouldn't trust our sound to anyone else besides Heidi. Her background in both classical music and audio engineering ensures the best balance of each instrument." - Janis Lieberman, Sierra Ensemble


Horn, violin and piano trio Sierra Ensemble works with Heidi on a regular basis to record, mix and master their live performances and studio recordings.

Sonoma Bach choir

Sonoma Bach’s choral and orchestral ensembles bring together and nurture a community of music-lovers in the beloved Sonoma region to share in the magnificent experience of early music.

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